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i have like 609453804 books to read

but you know what i’m gonna do

i’m gonna buy more books

And then I will read fanfiction.

and then i will read books that i’ve already read

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Remember when Romney lost the election so somebody created White People Mourning Romney and collected various people crying over Romney’s loss

Still so funny.

this is so rude. does no one realize these people are crying because their beliefs and lifestyles are being forced to change every time someone who doesn’t agree is elected? right or wrong, them being upset is 100% justifiable and mocking them for it just makes you a huge fucking piece of shit.

Mmm white people tears

This is so wrong, but so funny

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i hate when you’re not in the same mood as your friend like when you want to slay your enemies and feast on their flesh and your friend wants to dance in a field of daisies and sing for the sake of singing like no stop that grab a pitchfork

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“I wish I could’ve lived my life without making any wrong turns. But that’s impossible. A path like that doesn’t exist. We fail. We trip. We get lost. We make mistakes. And little by little, one step at a time, we push forward. It’s all we can do. On our own two feet.”

Natsuki Takaya, Fruits Basket (via cinnabeun)

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“The thing about life is that you must survive. Life is going to be difficult, and dreadful things will happen. What you do is move along, get on with it, and be tough. Not in the sense of being mean to others, but being tough with yourself and making a deadly effort not to be defeated.”

Katherine Hepburn (via cinnabeun)

.6 theme number six

"All my life, I've been fighting a war."

. . . .